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After the escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan, leaders of the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union set up diplomatic efforts in order to curb the situation. President Donald Trump acknowledged the US' role in the situation in a press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. He said that he expects the situation to stabilise soon.
According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia has experienced the hottest summer. Multiple records of hottest temperature were broken in the past three months. The temperature resulted in bushfires, blackouts and a rise in hospital admissions. Wildlife was also harmed due to excessive heat.
As global warming increases and oceans get warmer, the sustainable harvesting of fish is going down. A decline of as much as 35% is observed in some areas. This decline is further exacerbated by overfishing. In most locations the rising temperatures have lead to a decline of 8% in shellfish but some fish like black sea bass are still thriving.
The ex-justice minister of Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould has claimed that the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau's inner most circle had tried to pressurize her into helping a firm from Montreal in a graft case. She claims that she has received hidden threats from Michael Wernick, who is Canada's one of the top bureaucrats.
The people of war stricken South Waziristan now have access to mobile network services. There has been a long lasting demand for services to be offered in the area. The services are expected to increase economic development in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The connection has brought the long deprived community of South Waziristan contact with the rest of the country.
Bangladesh has told the United Nations Security Council that it can not take more Rohingya Muslim refugees. The announcement has come around 18 months after more than 700,000 refugees felt from Myanmar and into Bangladesh. Additionally, the Bangladeshi foreign minister has stated that not a single refugee has returned to Myanmar due to the absence of safety for the people.
UNICEF has stated that measles cases around the world at an alarming high. The rate of measles cases has increased by over 48% between 2017 and 18. The global health body has also said that the increase in the rate is extremely dangerous for children. The surge has come as a result of poor health awareness and a growing misguided aversion to vaccinations.
US President Donald Trump walked away from the second summit between the US and North Korea without a deal. He said that it was due to the Korean administration asking for a complete lift of economic sanctions on the country. However, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho has stated that they had only asked for a partial relief on the sanctions.
The United States Senate is considering blocking an attempt by President Donald Trump to bypass Congress approval in building his wall by declaring a US-Mexico border emergency. Congress has repeatedly blocked Mr. Trump's demand for funding for his project. The conflict led to the longest partial government shutdown in US history in December 2018.
After six months of not being paid their due salaries, the sanitary workers are in their fourth day of strike against their Lahore Waste Management Company. They have refused to collect waste from important areas in Lahore like Shadman, Garden Town, Shah Jamal, Lakshmi Chowk etc. They have withdrawn from all duties since the last four days now.