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Voices from both political and civil society circles are demanding that the PTI government reverse the appointment of Iftikhar Lund as the focal person for human rights. In a video which went viral, a former employee of Lund accused the latter of beating him up and sexually assaulting him with a metal object in the presence of a ‘large gathering’.
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Friday briefed the advisory council on foreign affairs regarding his recent visit to Britain and the meeting with foreign ministers of the Commonwealth as well as Prime Minister Imran Khan’s expected visit to the United States and the Afghan peace process.
Pakistan Navy has seized a huge cache of narcotics off Mubarik Village Karachi. According to a press release issued here on Friday, the Pakistan Navy conducted an intelligence-based operation near Sonehra Point at Mubarik Village in coordination with Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) and seized approximately 675kg hashish and 4kg heroin worth approx 300 million rupees.
The Senate Special Committee on Friday urged a delegation of Waziristan Qaumi Jirga to play its role as a bridge between it and Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) in a bid to get problems of the area resolved. The committee met with a representative delegation of Waziristan Qaumi Jirga from North and South Waziristan to identify “real” problems of FATA.
The Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances has claimed to have traced 3,938 out of 6,156 missing persons. The press release said that relatives of missing persons had praised the head and members of the commission for taking personal interest in disposing of cases of their near and dear ones.
THE first big test of the PTI government and its budget could shape up today as traders bodies from around the country have issued a nationwide strike call. Groups have rallied hard around the strike call for many days now in protest against the taxes imposed by the federal government in budget 2019-20.
The dispute between Japan and Korea has only escalated as Japan has accused Korea of violating an agreement on how much both sides would disclose regarding their talks on Friday. The discussion was about Japan's curbing of exports of materials used by South Korea to manufacture high tech equipment such as microchips and smartphone displays.
The Pentagon is assessing the United States' rare earth capacity due to its trade war with China, who control the rare earths industry. The industry includes 17 rare minerals are used in the construction of fighter jets, tanks, and consumer electronics. China controls nearly all the facilities needed to process these rare minerals.
Hong Kong protestors clashed with police during a march near the border with China. The protest involved thousands of people who were standing against the presence of Chinese traders who come to Hong Kong to buy goods that they resell in mainland China. They accused the traders of raising inflation and property prices.
China’s manned space lab Tiangong-2 has finished conducting its experiments and will be re-entering the Earth's atmosphere on the 9th of July. According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the craft will likely bring some debris with it, which will safely land in the South Pacific Ocean. This is China's second manned space lab.