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As trade negotiations with China resume this week, the Trump administration is racing to reach an agreement that will lead to long term reforms and will demonstrate that tariffs are an effective battering ram for open markets around the world. The president is pursuing an ambitious agenda that envisages the reinstatement of U.S.  trade links from Asia to Europe to North America, promoting new deals this year.
The UAE has postponed the meeting of the Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC) which was scheduled for last week in Abu Dhabi, hence delaying the finalization of the agreements for economic cooperation. EAD Additional Secretary Zulfiqar Haider said that three new dates have been proposed and the meeting will take place as soon as the UAE confirms the availability of its foreign minister.
On Monday a mild earthquake measuring 4.4 on Richter scale (according to the geological wing of PMD) jolted the district Kalat of Balochistan and its surroundings. This happened for the second consecutive day but no causalities were reported. On Sunday, tremors of magnitude 2.9 had shook Kalat and its surrounding areas resulting in damages to decrepit houses in some areas.
The FBR has reviewed the agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation between Pakistan and Switzerland, with an amended exchange of information article 25 to access banking/financial information. The updated agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation between Pakistan and Switzerland contains amended Article 25 having more emphasized procedure for access to financial information between the two countries.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has been requested by a representative body of civil servants in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to look into the regular harassment of officers by responsibility and anti corruption institutions which condemn the indicted through media even before proving them guilty. A public apology with the same level of media coverage should be aired if the person arrested proves to be innocent.
Huawei's founder is staying steadfast in the wake of American attempts to sideline the Chinese tech giant's global reach and indict his daughter. "There's no way the US can crush us. The world needs Huawei because we are more advanced," Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with BBC on Tuesday.
The process for issuing sovereign Panda Bond in Chinese capital market, has been initiated by Pakistan’s ministry of finance. The federal cabinet had approved a strategy to issue so-called ‘Panda bonds’ in the Chinese market in December, to raise foreign exchange from global markets. The ministry of finance has sought the details of the financial consultants before March 20 who will lead the process.
A report by the leading Chinese newspaper, the Global Times, says that it is unjustified of India to blame Pakistan for the strike on the Indian paramilitary group for which a terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed has taken responsibility. Indian analysts are linking the deadly attack to “China’s continued protection” of the terrorists which is unacceptable to them.  
Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce, Abdul Razak Dawood said that Pakistan is looking for a free trade agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. "Saudi investors are coming in a very positive way in renewable energy and hopefully a lot of investment would be made in the renewable energy sector” the advisor added.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a video message, denied Paksitan's part in the Pulwama attack, asserting that Pakistan is moving towards stability against terrorism. He stressed that Pakistan is ready to aid in any investigation into the attack and that the only recourse on Kashmir is dialogue and talks. He added hostile attacks on India's part will be met in kind.