A new weather radar with a surveillance capacity of 400 Km radius will be installed and fully operational in Karachi by December 2019. The previous radar had been obsolete for some time and needed to be replaced due to the fast-changing nature of climate change. The new radar is being procured with the help of Japan.

Two students from Khushal Khan Khattak University in Karak created and installed a device that can measure the amount of air pollution in Peshawar. They are developing the machine to shape it to international standards and wanted to exclusively use locally produced sensors. The project was overseen by an assistant professor and was given support by the university.

The owners of porn streaming site Pornhub are profiting from "revenge porn" and failing to remove videos once reported. One woman, "Sophie", said she felt "violated" after a video featuring her was viewed hundreds of thousands of times when it was uploaded online. Campaign group #NotYourPorn said such content allowed Pornhub owners MindGeek to make greater advertising revenues.

Global security officials from over 30 countries from the European Union and NATO have agreed on a set of proposals for future 5g networks. These proposals highlight the possibility of state influence on equipment supplied by telecommunication vendors. Although no particular suppliers were named the US has been pressuring allies to limit the role of Chinese companies like Huawei.

Pakistani scientist Professor Dr. Rashad Ramzan has designed an electro-magnetic microchip that will allow for the temperature of a polio vaccine to be continuously monitored. It will also maintain a detailed log to of all vials and ensure that the vaccine is fir for use. Dr. Ramzan is a senior faculty member at FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.

The sales numbers for Apple's latest iPhone have dropped at the record pace of 17% compared to the previous year. Apple executives have said that sales picked up around the end of March, especially in China as Apple lowered the price to boost demand. Apple has been trying to shift its dependency on the iPhone by adding new services.

A drug dealer who sells on the dark web has used his proceeds to buy approximately 100 quadrillion [1,000 trillion] Zimbabwe banknotes as part of a suspected large scale money laundering scheme. He has since pleaded guilty before a US court and is waiting for his sentencing. He has agreed to give up $4.16 million that he earned via drug dealing.

Using a large global network of telescopes, scientists were able to achieve what was thought impossible only a generation ago. They took the first ever photograph of a black hole, the photo shows a ring of yellow red and white light around a dark center. This heavily validates Einstien's general theory of relativity.

Google is currently investigating the leak of almost 1,000 conversations recorded by its smart speakers. They claimed the recordings came from their human reviewer who works on improving the device's linguistic abilities. 153 of the recordings were private conversations that the device should not have recorded as they did not contain the phrase "Ok Google".

The author argues that if it was not forJawaharlal Nehru's insistence on ‘scientific temper’, instead of celebrating the launch of Chandrayaan-2, "Indian scientists would be searching for the fictitious Vimana of Ravana." Pakistan can get its own 'slice of the moon' but for that a culture of science will have to develop. Unfortunately, Pakistan never had a Nehru.