The owners of porn streaming site Pornhub are profiting from "revenge porn" and failing to remove videos once reported. One woman, "Sophie", said she felt "violated" after a video featuring her was viewed hundreds of thousands of times when it was uploaded online. Campaign group #NotYourPorn said such content allowed Pornhub owners MindGeek to make greater advertising revenues.

The author argues that if it was not forJawaharlal Nehru's insistence on ‘scientific temper’, instead of celebrating the launch of Chandrayaan-2, "Indian scientists would be searching for the fictitious Vimana of Ravana." Pakistan can get its own 'slice of the moon' but for that a culture of science will have to develop. Unfortunately, Pakistan never had a Nehru.

The Lightyear One is a recently developed car that is solar powered depending on how you drive it. It gains around 7.5 miles of charge for every hour it is spent charging under the sun, which is a bit slow. However, the batteries can hold enough power for 450 miles of driving and can also be charged via an electric plug.

Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday announced that Pakistan will send its first person to space in 2022. “Fifty people will be shortlisted — [the] list will then come down to 25 and in 2022, we will send our first person to space,” he wrote, adding “this will be the biggest space event of our history.”

A drug dealer who sells on the dark web has used his proceeds to buy approximately 100 quadrillion [1,000 trillion] Zimbabwe banknotes as part of a suspected large scale money laundering scheme. He has since pleaded guilty before a US court and is waiting for his sentencing. He has agreed to give up $4.16 million that he earned via drug dealing.

India has announced the new date for its lunar launch after their first attempt was delayed due to some technical issues. The launch is now scheduled for 22nd July and will land a probe on the Moon's south pole. The probe will search for water and minerals while also measuring moonquakes.

Google is currently investigating the leak of almost 1,000 conversations recorded by its smart speakers. They claimed the recordings came from their human reviewer who works on improving the device's linguistic abilities. 153 of the recordings were private conversations that the device should not have recorded as they did not contain the phrase "Ok Google".

DOT-Mind Unlocked is a startup that has developed a headset that reads brainwave activity to diagnose and treat mental disorders such as ADHD more efficiently. Founder Yishel Khan won an Rs150,000 cash prize from Cargill and a trip to Beijing, China to compete in the Global Round for a $15,000 equity-free cash prize.

Scientists from Switzerland discovered a new species of dinosaur after unearthing a very well preserved skeleton dating back to the late Triassic period. The species seems to be the first ever theropod, a flesh-eating dinosaur that walks on two hind legs. Scientists have named the new species Notatesseraeraptor frickensis and it is on display at a museum in Frick.

India was forced to delay its plans to land a probe on the moon just hours before liftoff due to a technical problem. India would have become the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon had the mission gone smoothly. The mission was going to be one of the cheapest ever, costing just $140 million.