Prime Minister Imran Khan praised on Wednesday the Pakistan Citizen Portal for resolving a total of 680,000 out of 800,000 complaints registered since the launch of the app. The premier took to his Twitter handle to laud the complaint portal which was created by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) after it came into governance last year.

The author argues that if it was not forJawaharlal Nehru's insistence on ‘scientific temper’, instead of celebrating the launch of Chandrayaan-2, "Indian scientists would be searching for the fictitious Vimana of Ravana." Pakistan can get its own 'slice of the moon' but for that a culture of science will have to develop. Unfortunately, Pakistan never had a Nehru.

Facebook Inc. accepted a flaw in facebook kids app as this privacy concern raised by the US senators weeks after two and spoke to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission about the matter. Facebook Vice President Kevin Martin wrote in a letter to two Democrats that its a technical error and we are aware of many issue and products including messenger kids through FTC.

SpaceX a private rocket company has planned to launch a Falcon X rocket into space carrying a large number of small satellites. They plan to deploy these satellites all around the Earth in order to provide global internet access. SpaceX designed these satellites themselves and has called these prototypes Starlink.

The US The Federal Trade Commission has been investigating the Facebook Cambridge Analytica leaks and will be fining Facebook a record-breaking $5 billion. The investigation centered around whether or not Facebook violated the 2011 agreement that said that they had to ask for consent before sharing user data with any third parties.

An engineer has discovered prototype code in Facebook's Android app which suggests it might test hiding the number of likes a post receives. Jane Manchun Wong found the code, which has not been activated. Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, is conducting a similar test in seven countries including Canada and Brazil, where only the account holder in the trial can see the number of likes they attract.

BRUSSELS: China’s Huawei on Tuesday said the US government had instructed law enforcement to “coerce” and “entice” its employees to turn against the company, as it steps up its push back against a US campaign that could threaten its survival. Huawei made its assertions in a news release on Tuesday and in an undated document seen by Reuters.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has restored its internet services partially in many areas across the country following multiple cable cuts, which had affected internet services country wide. All technical resources have been deployed to restore and stabilise the services as soon as possible. PTCL has repeatedly apologised for any inconveniences to its customers.

Elon Musk, the CEO of the electric car company Tesla has announced that robotaxis will become a reality by 2020. He made this announcement due to improvements in the chip used to operate these self-driving vehicles. He also said the taxis would operate on a system similar to Uber although they do face some technical and legal challenges.

Using a large global network of telescopes, scientists were able to achieve what was thought impossible only a generation ago. They took the first ever photograph of a black hole, the photo shows a ring of yellow red and white light around a dark center. This heavily validates Einstien's general theory of relativity.