Reuters/Files WELLINGTON: New Zealand said Tuesday it will reduce its scientific projects in Antarctica to keep the virtually uninhabited continent free from COVID-19. Antarctica New Zealand, the government agency that does environmental research on the desolate landmass and the Southern Ocean, said limiting the number of people visiting was key to stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Social media app TikTok has launched a new feature, Family Pairing, to give more authorities to the parents to control their children accounts. While increasing parental controls, TikTok app allows parents to remotely set restrictions on their kids’ accounts through Family Pairing. The feature permits parents to link their own accounts with their children’s accounts.

HELSINKI: Habbo Hotel, a hit online networking game more than a decade ago, is drawing back hundreds of thousand of players as locked-down millennials look to rediscover a childhood favourite, its Finnish maker said. “Our traffic has tripled over the past month. The exact user number growth figure is 213% since February 25,” game maker Sulake’s Chief Executive Valtteri Karu told Reuters, adding that this included hundreds of thousands of new and returning users.

China’s military last month received the greenlight to use a COVID-19 vaccine candidate, Ad5-nCoV, developed by its research unit and CanSino Biologics. The Ad5-nCoV is one of China’s eight vaccine candidates approved for human trials at home and abroad for the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus. The shot also won approval for human testing in Canada.

Israeli firm Sharp Shooter developed the scopes to find targets and place a red square around them, exponentially increasing accuracy. It?s been hailed a ?game changer? for infantry warfare and the SAS are particularly keen after the US? secretive Delta Force called it ?outstanding?. The shooter holds down the rifle?s trigger and the system calculated factors including distance, angles, motion and wind speed to send a bullet in exactly the right direction within a millisecond.

Reuters/Files SAN FRANCISCO: IBM's chief executive sent a letter to members of US Congress on Monday saying it is no longer selling general-purpose facial recognition software and is opposed to using such technology for racial profiling or mass surveillance. The stance against facial recognition systems that could potentially be used to target minorities or violate human rights was included in the letter.

Germany changed course on Sunday over which type of smartphone technology it wanted to use to trace coronavirus infections, backing an approach supported by Apple and Google along with a growing number of other European countries. Chancellery Minister Helge Braun and Health Minister Jens Spahn told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that Berlin would adopt a ‘decentralized’ approach to digital contact tracing, in so doing abandoning a home-grown alternative.

AFP/Files SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Tuesday made its business videoconferencing service free to all users, ramping up competition for Zoom as people flock online to stay connected during the pandemic. Google Meet had previously been reserved for subscribers to the premium G Suite software tools for businesses. Meet will be available "to all users around the world, to enable people all walks of life to communicate collaborate and really stay in touch more effectively through the pandemic," G Suite vice president Javier Soltaro told AFP.

SYDNEY: Facebook will be ?weakened? if it stops Australians from sharing the news so the company can avoid paying for content under proposed laws, Australia?s top antitrust regulator said on Thursday. Australia has proposed forcing Facebook and internet search giant Google to pay local media outlets for content, drawing strong opposition from the U.S.

Fortnite-creator Epic Games’ digital videogame store was down on Thursday as it recorded huge traffic after reports that it was giving the premium edition of “Grand Theft Auto V” for free. Users trying to get their hands on the blockbuster action-adventure title took to Twitter to complain that they could only see an error upon opening the website.