The logo of social media app Snapchat. ? Snapchat You can now earn one million dollars daily through Snapchat ? a popular social media app. Snapchat has recently added a new section to the app named "Spotlight". The section is just like the Chinese lip-syncing app, Tiktok, through which users can make short videos.

WASHINGTON: A delicate but exquisitely preserved skull of a crow-sized bird with a scythe-like beak that inhabited Madagascar 68 million years ago is showing scientists that they have a lot of learn about avian diversity during the age of dinosaurs. Scientists on Wednesday said the bird, called Falcatakely forsterae, possessed a face unlike any other known bird from the age of dinosaurs ? the Mesozoic Era ? not only because of the beak shape but because of its underlying anatomy.

US officials expect to begin inoculating Americans against the novel coronavirus by mid-December as another global drug company on Monday unveiled promising trial results on a vaccine candidate, providing hope as the pace of infections accelerated. The head of the U.S. campaign to rapidly deploy a vaccine that U.S. healthcare workers and other high-risk people could start getting shots produced by Pfizer Inc within a day or two of regulatory consent next month.

WENCHANG: China hailed as a success its pre-dawn launch on Tuesday of a robotic spacecraft to bring back rocks from the moon in the first bid by any country to retrieve lunar surface samples since the 1970s, a mission underscoring Chinese ambitions in space. The Long March-5, China’s largest carrier rocket, blasted off at 4:30 a.m.

LONDON: The COVID-19-causing coronavirus is mutating as it spreads around the world in the pandemic, but none of the mutations currently documented appears to be making it able to spread more rapidly, scientists said on Wednesday. In a study using a global dataset of virus genomes from 46,723 people with COVID-19 from 99 countries, researchers identified more than 12,700 mutations, or changes, in the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has announced the plan for introducing animation and video gaming certification programme for youth which will be a ?game-changer? for Pakistan, ARY News reported on Tuesday.  Fawad Chaudhry said in his Twitter message that the youth should be readied for an innovative programme of the federal government if the video games are more attractive for them instead of theoretical things.

A file image for YouTube by Reuters. For the first time in a decade, YouTube is skipping its annual year rewind. The year 2020 has been different. From social distancing to a depilating economy, from pandemics to natural disasters, the year has been tough. The most tragic of all is losing over 1.3

One of the most top-rated online games, Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG), has introduced a new feature for Pakistanis. PUBG Mobile has released Urdu voice-packs in recognition of the PUBG gaming community in Pakistan. To get Urdu voice packs in PUBG Mobile 2020 the gamers need to visit the shop. It may be noted that PUBG has a massive fan following in Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have become part of a seven-nation digital cooperation organization on Friday, ARY News reported.   Sources said that the organization will make key decisions about digital transformation in the region. It will digitalize cybersecurity, the health and education system. The organization is comprised of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and others.

Prone positioning, or lying face down, might be useful for severely ill COVID-19 patients who can still breathe on their own, early data suggests. Lying face down makes it easier for the lungs to deliver oxygen to the blood. The position is often used in COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilators, but it is not without risks.