?The Sweet? founder British musician Steve Priest passes away The Sweet founder British musician Steve Priest died on Thursday morning at the age of 72, the band has confirmed He formed the music group The Sweet that include Mick Tucker, Brian Connolly, Steve and Andy Scott in 1960s. Andy announced the death of Steve on the official Facebook page of The Sweet.

After the 'American Idol' finale, many fans were left concerned for host Ryan Seacrest Many fans of Ryan Seacrest were left worried for the host after the recent finale of American Idol where he appeared to be visibly disheveled. According to the audience, the American radio personality?s words sounded slurred with his right eye appearing larger than the other, leading many into speculating that he may have suffered a stroke.

Jennifer Aniston dishes inside scoop on highly-anticipated 'Friends' reunion with Lisa Kudrow Jennifer Aniston dished out some major news about the highly-anticipated Friends reunion special during a virtual chat with former co-star Lisa Kudrow. Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay on the show, admitted that it has been tough for her to say yes to projects since the end of the famed TV sitcom in 2004.

Lili Reinhart urges fans to take care amid mental health awareness month. Photo: The Blast Lili Reinhart has shared a rather uplifting and important message on the event of mental health awareness month, urging fans to protect themselves during their time in quarantine. The 23-year-old has always been rather vocal and has expressed the details surrounding her struggles with anxiety and depression without hesitation.

Kevin T Porter urged the public to share their own unpleasant experiences with Ellen DeGeneres Famed TV personality Ellen DeGeneres is recognized as one of the kindest and most generous stars on television. However, a new debate going rife on social media is suggesting otherwise, as her past employees and fans are stepping forward with startling revelations about the 62-year-old comedian actually being ?unkind.?

Adele wowed fans earlier this month as she shared a photo of her physique while celebrating her 32nd birthday. The singer's former trainer has revealed the secrets behind her incredible weight loss as she stunned fans with her new figure. Adele's ex-trainer revealed that her competitive side is 'secret' to her incredible seven stone weight loss.

At Park Dong-ju's drive-in cinema, moviegoers can enjoy a film from the comfort of their cars A long queue of cars forms in front of a drive-in cinema in Seoul, as South Koreans look for safer spaces to enjoy a movie without the risk of contracting the coronavirus raging across the world.

Meghan and Harry'shad been one 'well-planned operation' so they wouldn't get noticed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?s move to Canada had been all over the news with pictures and videos coming afloat. And that is why the couple made sure to maintain the secrecy behind their next relocation to Los Angeles.

Tom Hanks has donated blood plasma at a Los Angeles hospital in an effort to help fight the coronavirus. The Oscar winner actor took to his Instagram and wrote:"Here?s last week?s bag of plasma. Such a bag!" "After the paperwork, it?s as easy as taking a nap. Thanks @arimoin and UCLA.

Joe Manganiello gushed over his wife, saying he had fallen in love with Sofia Vergara at first sight. The actor followed Sofia Vergara around like a puppy after meeting her for the first time at a party. The 'Magic Mike' actor does not seem to forget his first encounter with Sofia Vergara anytime soon as he recalled the moment during an interview on satellite radio.