Cardi B stands up for Kylie Jenner amid petition to take her out of the ?WAP? video Cardi B has taken to social media to speak out about the backlash Kylie Jenner has been experiencing for her cameo in the ?WAP? music video. Ever since the petition went live, almost 65,000 people have already signed on and the hate continues to grow.

The exact point where Harry felt that Meghan was her soulmate, was revealed by the writers Prince Harry was taken aback by one particular move by Meghan Markle during their first trip to Botswana years ago which led to him realizing that she was the one. The couple?s upcoming biography Finding Freedom, penned by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand digs deep into the details of their initial days of relationship, especially their trip to South Africa.

American singer Nick Jonas and his Indian wife Priyanka Chopra have welcomed a new family member and they have instantly fallen in love with it. Taking to Instagram, Jonas shared a picture with a Husky Australian Shepard and Chopra. "Welcome to the family Panda! Panda is a Husky Australian Shepard mix rescue and we?re already in love," he wrote.

Hollywood star Robert Pattinson, who is replacing Ben Affleck as Batman, has opened up about how he got the role. Talking to Irish Times, he said he sneaked away from his upcoming movie Tenet for his Batman audition. The actor conceded that he lied to celebrated director Christopher Nolan, saying he cited a family emergency for his absence from the sets of Tenet.

Ava Max slams trolls expressing hate on her songs Ava Max has never been one to curb to pressure or hate and she has proved that time and time again. Due to her unwavering attitude, the singer took all of the hate in stride and clapped back at all those trying to bash her for the kind of music she creates.

YouTuber NikkieTutorials robbed at gunpoint during home invasion YouTuber NikkieTutorials claims she has experienced an intense amount of ?mental anguish? after coming face to face with burglars during home robbery. The Dutch makeup artist took to Instagram to relay the news. She claimed her country house in Pnemstraat, Uden was robbed at gunpoint by a bunch of armed assailants.

Aamina Sheikh shares loved-up photos with husband to confirm her marriage Pakistani actress Aamina Sheikh on Sunday shared loved-up photos with her husband to confirm her marriage a day after posting a cryptic photo The Ishq Gumshuda actress was previously married to actor Mohib Mirza and she parted ways with her ex-husband last year in October, ending their 14-year marriage.

A childhood friend of Prince Harry recalled how he had his doubts about Meghan Markle Prince William doesn't seem to be the only one who got on the bad side of Prince Harry for having doubts about Meghan Markle. A childhood friend of the Duke of Sussex recalled how he had his doubts about Meghan but instead of taking his views in a constructive manner, he was ?punished? instead.

Ellen DeGeneres aims to fix 'toxic workplace' rift through PR firm Even though there has been a lot of speculation about Ellen DeGeneres reportedly shutting down the production of her show indefinitely. Recently, a new report has come in which sheds light on the TV host?s current priorities. According to the report, Ellen is currently working side by side with a crisis management PR firm to mitigate the damage done by the cancel culture and aims to fix the issue with a mixture of custom apologies, celebrity endorsement and support, as well as a rehab tour.

Caroline Flack reportedly took her own life after she learned that her trial was to go public, and with public scrutiny growing stronger day by day, the convict thought the ?certain? prosecution would wreak havoc on her repot. The English television and radio presenter hit mainstream news back in December of 2019 after Burton made a phone call to emergency services about attempted murder.