Social networking site Twitter has announced its top trends for 2019, publishing lists of key events, sports teams, celebrities and more which dominated conversation on the platform. The most retweeted tweet worldwide in 2019 was K-Pop sensation BTS band member Jungkook?s Bad Guy dance video. Initially, this was second on the list behind World Record Egg, but it took the BTS army an hour to leapfrog it to the top spot.

From GoT to Stranger Things: What are the most searched TV shows of 2019 in US? Google has unveiled the list of 2019's most searched TV shows in the US and the show on top is none other than 'Game of Thrones'. The year aired some masterpieces that fans couldn?t get their hearts over including Emmy-award winner Game of Thrones, topping the list.

Cardi B enters in style for a fashion gala entrance at court for the strip club case. Photo: Whether it is a walk down the red carpet or on a fashion runway, Cardi B never misses any opportunity to turn heads around, and the same stayed true as the American rapper and songwriter made a fashion gala-esque entrance at Queens criminal court for her hearing regarding a strip club beatdown case on Tuesday.

Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as Neo in the fourth movie of The Matrix Franchise. There is a new update on the highly anticipated film featuring the "John Wick" actor. While some members of the cast are known to fans, there is a new addition to the list. Earlier it was reported that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick and Neil Patrick Harris will star in the movie, a report in Collider has now claimed that the filmakers have also taken on board "Frozen 2" star Jonathan Groff.

Photo: Marvel Captain Marvel star Brie Larson was among millions of fans who took to social media to express their excitement after the first trailer of the Wonder Woman 1984 was released on Monday. The trailer followed a teaser , stirring up anticipation. It instantly went viral when the filmmakers released the trailer of the movie featuring Gal Gadot.

BTS Jungkook?s 'Bad Guy' dance video comes out as 2019's most retweeted tweet BTS, the famed K-Pop band, is once again making headlines as its singer Jungkook?s Bad Guy dance video broke the record of the most retweeted tweet of 2019. With the year coming to an end, Twitter gave a flashback sharing the 'Most Retweeted Tweet of 2019'.

Director of Kung Fu Panda could expand creative animation in India Oscar nominee, John Stevenson, veteran actor and film maker, mostly known for Kung Fu Panda and Sherlock Gnomes seems to be interested in expanding his creative animation to India. During an interview with IANS, John went on to say, "Be it India or somewhere else, I am interested to work and create something good.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt reunion at Golden Globes to be awkward? After the curtains were lifted off the nominations of the Golden Globe Awards 2020, all anyone could think about was Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reuniting during the show as they both managed to make it to the nominees list.

Angelina Jolie disapproves Brad Pitt's girlfriend Alia Shawkat due to this reason? Angelina Jolie has found herself embroiled in a rumour that says she disapproves of Brad Pitt?s new girlfriend Alia Shakwat. A tabloid was reported to have dragged Jolie?s named in the brewing romance between Pitt and Shawkat, saying that she has shunned her because she is not good looking enough.

Shawn Mendes would call it quits with Camila Cabello over this clothing item While Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are rarely ever shying away from public display of affection, there is one piece of clothing that even makes them cringe. The 22-year-old Havana hit maker during an appearance at the 2019 B96 Jingle Bash revealed that while her beau Shawn Mendes is quite a fan of her sartorial choices, there is one thing that he has prohibited her from wearing ? the ?Mendes Is My Bae? T-shirt.