About us

Are you someone who gets bored easily? Are you looking forward to a relaxing time at home after work? Has the television started to lose your interest? Do movies not entertain you enough? If all or most of your answers contain a ‘yes’, you are definitely at the right place because Pakibeats is your number one station in even the worst of boredom episodes!
Who are we?
Pakibeats is a website that resembles an online magazine, the very first of its kind, catering to the interests of all the people of Pakistan. We cover aspects from a lot of multiple domains so that you may pick the area that interests you the most and spend a quality evening with your cup of tea.
Showbiz: Our articles are up to date with whatever is going on whether it is the media industry. Whether it is the next Bollywood fling that our Pakistani actor has signed up for or just another catfight that took place between two Hollywood divas; Pakibeats has it all in store for you.
Tech Check: Not only do we cover media, we also keep a track of all the new gadget releases! Even if it’s the next selfie stick model in town, we have you updated before any of your friends!
Business: Was that yet another agreement that we signed with China for something? From revenue generation to ‘How much traffic is Twitter even gaining this year?’ our business section would tell you everything that’s going on in the global market.
Sports: How can we being Pakistanis miss out on something like this? Of course, we cannot. Whether its local news about our very own cricket team, or it’s Ronaldo’s new football strategy; our sports section would be catering to the needs of all the sports fans out there in the best way possible.
Lifestyle: This is section contains everything you would actually want to know about. From how the harsh weather conditions in the country are effecting us, to everything about clothing trends and food; this is the corner you would actually enjoy reading.
International News: Get swift updates about what’s happening around the globe! Whether it’s a ruthless killing that just took place or any other breaking news that should reach you, we make sure that it does on time.
At Pakibeats, our mission is to keep you notified around the clock before any news channel or the daily paper does the job. We deal not only in written and pictorial content rather we intend to give you a more virtually captivating experience by the addition of videos.
For any further information regarding Pakibeats, feel free to contact us on info@airxpedia.com/pakibeats