Michigan GOP Rep. Justin Amash has said that US President Donald Trump did have impeachable conduct as revealed by the Mueller report. He also accused Attorney General William Barr of intentionally misleading the public. He even went so far as to encourage Congress to charge Trump with obstruction of justice, becoming the first Republican to do so.
The White House is set to reveal the first part of its Middle East peace proposal on Sunday. The first part will likely revolve around encouraging capital investment in the West Bank, Gaza and other areas in the region. A kind of workshop will take place in Manama, Bahrain where business leaders from the region will be brought together.
Germany is about to return a 15th-century artifact that they took from Nambia when they colonized the country. The artifact is called the Stone Cross and was originally used as a navigation landmark that was placed on Namibia's coast in 1498. The Namibian government formally requested its return in June 2017 as European countries began returning artifacts taken during the colonial era
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has called for a snap election after his conservative coalition fell apart due to a corruption scandal. Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache resigned just a few days ago after video footage of him talking to an alleged Russian investor was released on the news. Stache blamed his behavior on alcohol and a teenager like mindset.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is getting closer and closer to a majority as the election results are being counted. His conservative coalition has defied the polls, which predicted a Labour party win for the first time in six years. They are leading with 75 seats and only need one more to have a complete majority.
Theressa May has said that a new and improved Brexit deal will be presented to MP's in June when they will vote on the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that the Labour party will oppose the bill as it is very unlikely that the bill will make any progress.
Lionel Messi scored two goals in two minutes against Eibar in the seasons final La Liga match. Despite Messi's impressive showing, Barcelona had to settle for a draw as Eibar also played exceptionally well. Messi's goals were some of the only attacks made by Barcelona that reached Eibar's goal while Barcelona's keeper had to make a number of saves.
Voters in Switzerland have approved a bill that would tighten gun regulations and bring them in line with EU regulations. More than 63% of the voters approved the bill, which was up for a vote in the country's regular referendums that give voters a bigger say in policy making. The bill largely regulates semi-automatic and automatic weapons.
An explosion hit a tourist bus near the Giza pyramids in Egypt, wounding 17 people. The wounded include South African tourists and some Egyptians and there have so far been no reports of any deaths. This is the second time tourists have been attacked near the pyramids in the last six months.
Sudanese protest leaders have said that they will push for a civilian-led transitionary government, in their talks with the current military transitionary council. The two sides have so far been divided over the composition of the new transitionary council, with both sides wanted a majority. Although they have been able to agree on a number of issues as well.